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Honsen Shinkansen
New Main Line

Honsen Shinkansen Test Train on the Tokkaido segment
Type Inter-city Maglev
System Federation Rail
Status Operating
Locale East Asian Federation
Terminals Sinuiju Station (west)
Sapporo Station {east}
Stations 32
Opened July 17, 2008
Owner Federation Rail
Operator(s) Federation Rail
Character At-Grade and Underground
Rolling stock L0 Series
Line length 3,041.66 km
Track gauge Standard Gauge
Operating speed 575 km/h

The New Main Line (Japanese:新本線, Korean: 새로운 본선), sometimes referred to as the Honsen Shinkansen or simply Shinkansen, is a currently operating maglev line connecting Seogyeong, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sapporo, East Asian Federation. The line is operated by the state-owned Federation Rail. The line in its entirety between Sinuiju and Sapporo was completed on July 3, 2010. It was expected to take a total journey time of six and a half hours, but in actuallity connects Sapporo and Seogyeong in just over five hours. It is a culmination of the maglev development since the late 1970s, a government funded project initiated by Japan Airlines and then-Japan Railways.

Commercial maglev service between Saikyō and Seoul in 2008, connecting the two cities in 45 minutes. Service between Saikyō and Osaka began in February 2010, with the completion of the Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel. The segment between Osaka and Tokyo was completed on June 14, 2010. The route to Sapporo via Tokyo was completed on July 3, 2010.


The Honsen Shinkansen's route follows the Gyeongbu Line from Seogyeong into Seoul. From Seoul, the Honsen continues along the Gyeongbu through Busan to the Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel. The tunnel connects Busan in the west with Fukuoka in the east. From Fukuoka's Hakata Station to Osaka's Shin-Osaka Station, the route follows the Kagoshima and Sanyō Main Lines to its current terminal point at Shin-Osaka. It continues along the Tokkaido main line to Tokyo, and forward via the Tohoku main line to Aomori. It then crosses the Tsugaru Strait in the Seikan Tunnel to connect to the Hokkaido line, finally ending in Sapporo.