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Honzu Settlements Republic of Alejandreno
Population 15
Area (12km)²*π = 452km²
President Jose Sáenz Toledo
Capital New Sacramento
Official languages English, Spanish

New Sacramento is a settlement of American expatriates, which has been declared independent under name "Republic of Alejandreno". The republic has got its name from the father of the president, Alejandro Sáenz Limenos.

The settlement is situated on Honzu Plateau, 12°N 97°W, 1060 m MSL. It is situated 224 km from the nearest coastline. The average temperatures are 13.3°C in summer and 12.7°C in winter, avg. precipitation is 1.4 mm/Ganymedean year. Average atmospheric pressure is 980 mbar.


Original people (from 1.3.2005):

  • Jose Sáenz Toledo, born 13.5.1979
  • Maria Hanna Gomosez de Sáenz, born 14.11.1981
  • Juan Filip Sáenz Toledo, born 6.6.1981
  • Laura Helena Compton de Sáenz (formerly Laura Helen Compton), born 14.5.1981
  • Sammy Jackson, born 15.12.1978
  • Thomas Smith, born 26.7.1980
  • Jessica Laurenson, born 13.6.1983
  • Patrick Holmes, born 14.4.1985
  • Faith Holmes, born 15.7.1986
  • Michael Holmes, born 20.2.2004

Since born babies:

  • Ferdinando Sáenz Compton, 15.12.2005
  • Maria Catarina Sáenz Gomosez, 30.1.2006

Group 2: