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New Toyohara
新 豊原
—  Arcology  —
New Toyohara Experimental Settlement
Country East Asian Federation
Region Japanese Islands
Prefecture Karafuto
Start of Construction 2010

New Toyohara is a planned experimental development in Karafuto Prefecture, East Asian Federation. Financed by the State Offices for Environment and Development, the development is intended to be a model for future space colonies. When completed, the settlement will be completely self-sufficient, requiring no outside assistance to sustain its populace.


An integral part of the Aerospace Exploration Agency's future plans are permanent colonies on celestial bodies such as the Moon, Mars, and Pluto. In order to reach this goal, the State Office for Development issued a request for proposal for possible designs for a future space colony to be tested on Earth. A consortium led by Dai-Ichi Kangyo, including companies from the Hyasoda Group and Foxconn submitted an joint entry, which was eventually chosen as the successful design.

Construction and testing began in July 2010. The first forty volunteer families arrived in mid-August 2010.


The arcology consists of four main pylons, each 750 ft (228 m) tall. Each pylon serves a different purpose, one for housing, one for recreation, one for production, and a final for services. The pylons are connected at various heights by fully contained moving walkways. The settlement makes extensive use of sunlight, used for heating, electricity, agriculture, and light, and has a fully contained water treatment/supply system which generates a small amount of supplemental electricity.

The Housing Pylon can accommodate up to twenty families per floor. Each family suite contains two or three bedrooms, a union room, kitchen, multi-use room, and a bathroom. A convenience store and community center are located on the 33rd floor. The Recreation Pylon contains an eight-screen cinema, shopping mall, an indoor park, and several other entertainment venues. The Production Pylon contains offices, several adapted vertical agriculture areas, and mid-scale electronics production facility. A full service hospital is located on floors two through ten. The final pylon, the Services Pylon contains a police station, with small substations in every other pylon, five houses of worship, administrative offices, a centralized heating and air conditioning plant, a secondary school, two junior secondary schools, and four primary schools.


New Toyohara is currently inhabited by 448 families, a total of 1,658 people. Interested volunteer families move in at about a rate of one or two per month; The settlement will be at built capacity in a year and a half at current rate of occupancy.