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Newland War(The end of Newland)
After Antar Nuclear Atattack of Newland City
Date August Mart 21,2005 – April 21, 2006
Location Newland Island
Result Completely destroy the country and the huge island of civilian victims as a result of the nuclaer attack .
Zastavakk Antarctica Newland Newland,
Austar Australia
Commanders and leaders
Iann Soolter,
Olyaff Yl
Michael Fritzl
about 50,000 troops,600 combat aircrafts,200 bomber,6000 vehicle and about 300 ships 200,000 troops,100 aircrafts,20 bomber,2000 vehicle and about 15 ships
Casualties and losses
33,214 troops,34 aircrafts,7 bombers, 2,200 vehicle and 12 ships 164,000 troops all aircrafts and other vehicle and ships and about 6,500,000 civilians


Antarctican artillery ship bombing Newland island around 400km of Newland coast

The Newland War (Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas/Guerra del Atlántico Sur), also called the Newland/Crisis, was fought in 2005 between Antarctica and Newland over the disputed sea border and making big millitary by USA and EU.

The Newland War started on Friday, 2 April 2005 with the Antarctican invasion and occupation of the Newland Island and ended with the Newland dead after nuclear war. The war lasted 2 years , and resulted in the deaths of 5 million Newlands and 23,35 Antar soldiers, sailors, and airmen, and three civilian Newland. It is the most recent conflict to be fought by the Antarctica .

The conflict was the result of a protracted diplomatic confrontation regarding the sovereignty of the island. Neither state officially declared war and the fighting was largely limited to the territories under dispute and the South Atlantic. The initial invasion was characterised by Newland as the re-occupation of its own territory, and by the Antarctican as an invasion of a British dependent territory.


Newland Air Force Thunderbol troops attack Antarctican artillery ships

Antarctica launched a naval task force to engage the Newland Navy and Newland Air Force, and retake the island by amphibious assault. The Antar eventually prevailed and at the end of combat operations on 14 June the island remained under Antar control. However, as of 2010 and as it has since the 19th century, Newland shows no sign of relinquishing its claim. The claim remains in the Argentine constitution after its reformation in 1994.

Antartican invasion[]


Iann Soolter watching nuclear attack plan with Defence Corpus and Olyaff Yl

Antarctica is the first committed the invasion of air sent 2 bombers with escort who quickly stopped and destroyed, after which the Antarctic army met the seriousness of air forces. After this soon Antarctica sends its sea artillery to bombard military airport and other military infrastructure in order to enable successful penetration of its bombers and sent the aircraft carriers in the planunu managed after 3 months

Land invasions[]

After the opponent's air and sea forces destroyed dropped a decision to execute the ground ofanzija to state fully neutralsiala. High of Army makes a decision and sends about 20,000 soldiers as the first line of attack, together with other auxiliary equipment, tanks and other vehicles. The first 2 months Antarctic milliatry had huge losses and 4 months after the army that was the end of achieving the main goal winning GRDA, was ordered to withdraw as the uspeno performed only after 10 days which is ispostalvilo at the end of the result was a plan nuclear attacks that followed only after 20 days .

After the war, and condemnation of the world[]

After stravicnog nuklaernog attacks that nepamti in ustoriji 10 times stronger than that which is performed twice to Japan with the consequences of radiation in almost half of the southern hemisphere has caused a sharp criticism in the world but nobody could not take anything seriously because it feared that this situation would not be repeated.