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The next New Cambria general election must take place by 2012 at the latest. The election will be called following the dissolution of the 17th Assembly of Deputies by a majority of its members. The electorate will elect the members of the 18th Assembly of Deputies who will assembly shortly afterwards to elect a Prime Minister following agreement on the Executive Council of the 18th Assembly of Deputies.

The next general election will the the first to be held under the current Constitution of New Cambria, which was adopted in 2010.


The law requires that each Assembly must be dissolved within three years of its first meeting following the previous election, and the upcoming election must be held within the last 60 days of the term of the current Assembly, or within 30 days of its dissolution. Therefore, as the 17th Assembly first convened on 1 May 2009, the next general election can be held no later than 31 May 2012.

Electoral system[]

The system of voting will be Proportional Representation with a Single Transferable Vote, also known as PR-STV. The general election will take place in 24 Assembly constituencies throughout New Cambria for all 100 seats.

Outgoing ADs[]

The following ADs have announced they will not contest the next election: