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The Nicaraguan Canal Summit is an ongoing international meeting in Hesperia City between the East Asian Federation, the Franco-German Commonwealth, and the United States of Central America over the construction of a inter-ocean canal in Nicaragua, Central America. It is the first major meeting to be held in Hesperia City following its completion.


The desire for Central America to build a canal arose from competing with the hugely successful Panama Canal and the recently built Yucatan Border Canal. The East Asian Federation and the Franco-German Commonwealth, each agreed paid half of the construction costs, for different reasons.

The Federation agreed to back the project in exchange for discounted usage fees, which would spark cheaper shipping rates, and therefore more trade between East Asia and North America and Europe. As a side effect, the project has also increased bilateral trade between the Federation and Central America. The Franco-German Commonwealth agreed to pay the other half of the project, as well as Hans-Guidi Incorporated, which had also sent a representative, agreeing to donate and operate cutting edge construction technology, in exchange for the Franco-german military being allowed to construct a military base on Big Corn Island, with the intention of increasing its influence over Latin America and the Pacific Ocean.

In planning the summit, three locations were proposed: Guatemala City, Managua, and Hesperia City. After negotiations between the three parties, Hesperia City was chosen. The meetings began on July 1, 2010.