Nigerian Security Forces
Nigerian Security Forces Flag
Flag of the Nigerian Security Forces
Founded 1960
Service branches Nigerian Army Flag Nigerian Army
Nigerian Air Force Flag Nigerian Air Force
Nigerian Navy Flag Nigerian Navy
Commander-in-Chief Akinade Onibiyo
Defence Minister N/A
Chief of Defence Staff N/A
Military age 16
Conscription 16
Available for
military service
26,802,678 males, age 15-49
25,668,446 females, age 15–49
Fit for
military service
25,668,446 males, age 15-49
13,860,806 females, age 15–49
Reaching military
age annually
1,353,180 males
1,329,267 females
Active personnel 300,000
Reserve personnel 800,000
Budget ₦3.247 trillion (~$20.5 billion)
Percent of GDP 4.2%
Domestic suppliers Nigerian Aerospace Industries
Nigerian Military Industries
Nigerian Weapon Industries
Nigeria Shipyards

The Nigerian Security Forces, or the NSF, are the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It consists of the ground forces, air force, and navy. It is the only legally recognized military arm of the Nigerian government, and and has no civilian jurisdiction with Nigeria. The military is lead by the Chief of Defense Staff, who is the sole commander of the armed forces during peacetime. The President of Nigeria is the Commander-in-Chief during times of war, but has historically handed such matters of conflict to the Chief of Defense Staff. The military is represent in the government by the Defense Minister, who has no command post in the military, but is charged with providing the organization with its commands from the President.




Regional Commands


Other Bodies

Ranks aka Patoranking or Burnarankin


Unlike most armies around the world, Nigeria uses the same rank names for each of its three branches. Additionally, because the military is dominated by Nigerians of Hausa desent, the military uses Hausa names for the ranks, and are the official names of the ranks of the NSF, within Nigeria and international military observation groups.

Personnel (Kada)

  • Private (Bayan Fage)
  • Corporal (Kofur)
  • Sergeant (Saja)
  • First Sergeant (Na-Farko Sarjann)

Warrent Officers (Waranta Shugabannin)

  • Sergeant First Class (Saja Faskilas)
  • Master Sergeant (Laƙanta Sarsann)
  • Sergeant Major (Saja Manyan)
  • Warrant Officer (Kwambukaso Ofusan)
  • Master Warrant Officer (Laƙanta Waranta Ofisa)

Acedemic Officers

  • Professional Acedemic Officer (Ƙwararrun Baraya Hafsa)
  • Senior Academic Officer (Babban Jami'in Karatu)

Officer (Ɗan Sanda)

  • Second Lieutenant (Na-Biyu Leftanan)
  • Lieutenant (Leftanan)
  • Captain (Shugaba)
  • Major (Manyan)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Laftanar Kanar)
  • Colonel (Kanar)
  • Brigadier General (Birgediyan Janar)
  • Major General (Manjo Janar)
  • Lieutenant General (Leftanan Janar)
  • General (Jenar)




Military Service Routes

Special Service Routes

Regular service

Permanent service

Reserve service

Non-NSF Service




Main Doctrine

Code of Conduct


Weapons & Equipment

Military Technology

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