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Nighta is a dark country, the moon is always out and it never seems to get light. The capital is The city of the moon.


It is placed on the map next to Droom and the Copper state. Also it has the famous path that makes it easier to get to Infernia, Nighta's main ally.

Famous Structures[]

Hall of Night[]

The most important building in Nighta is the Hall of Night. This hall is made up of three parts. The top floor constits of two rooms. Guards stand in the first room and guard the doorway to the next room, as it holds the sacred Moonstone, jewel of Nighta. The second floor is for political meetings and the third floor is for special occasions, eg balls and feasts or coronations.

Palace of Nighta[]

The palace of Nighta is made completely out of moondust. It is suprisingly strong and flexibile, and it is used to shape everything inside and out. Furniture, sheleves, the building structure and windows and much more is made with the moondust. Nighta for a long time was feared by many countries.