This powerful species inhabits the Low East Sector in the Dendrius galaxy. Currently, they are locked in a constant war with the Luranians and the Paralians over specific areas of space and also certain planets.


Owing to the methods (such as the burning of their dead) of the Noralians' distant ancestors, little is known about the early history of the Noralians. It is believed that they originated from only one continent, but later expanded out throughout the world using primitive crafts.

The first written record of Noralian history comes from a religious leader, who created a serious of symbols so that he would have some way of remembering his prayers. It took a long time for this to catch on, but many years later a similiar language was in use throughout the world.

The Noralians seem to have been a very peaceful species, but also very territorial. They always wanted the best for their families and their tribe as a whole. It is believed that one of the main reasons that they developed as quickly as they did was because of their natural urge to keep developing, keep progressing, despite numerous challenges that stood in their way.

Because of this, powerful nations rose up out of tribes very quickly. War, and in fact conflict of any kind, was rare, and so war machines were not prioritized. Instead, new methods of science and luxury were developed. But always there was this feeling that it was never quite enough, that they always needed to do a little bit more.

It was in this way that the ages progressed. Nations competed strongly with each other to prove that their country was the most luxurious, that their country had the most science. As the world became a more global place and went through an era of industrialization, many nations saw great advantage in forming more permanent alliances. The entire planet went through what became known as 'The Age of Joining'. Countries would combine together to form super nations.

By the time the first missions were launched into space, most of the world had unified into a single, ultimately powerful nation. The remaining states had no option but to join, forming the final Noralian Union. They strongly believed that they were the greatest nation in the galaxy.

Consequently, when they met the Luranians and the Paralians, they were angry at how powerful they were. They wanted the resources found on Elisium and the planets nearby and weren't prepared to give up without a fight. Soon, war sparked between them, a war that would take countless thousands of lives, and a war that continues to this day.


Noralians are humanoid, but slightly smaller and thinner than the average human. Surpisingly, they have partially webbed feet despite having no other obvious aquatic characteristics. They have brains of a similiar size to ours.

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