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—  Region  —

Nickname(s): Ðe Platte Region/The Flat Region (Norpradian Dialect/English)
Capital Ströfen
 - Type Government of Nordia
 - Governor Jonas Wagner
 - Total 13.643,94 km2 (5.267,95 sq mi)
Area rank 6th
Highest elevation 3.316 m (10.879 ft)
Lowest elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Population (2017) 2.139.443
Population rank 1st
 - Demonym Nordian
Time zone Lithoriburg Time ([[Wikipedia:UTC|UTC+1]])
ISO 3166 code NR-NO

Nordia is a region in the eastern part of Norpradia. It is the most populous region and the second smallest by area, only larger than Lithoriburg. Nordia is bordered by Prada and Lithoriburg to the north, Sainkt Patrick to the west, and the North Sea to the north, south and east. Together with Elliön and Prada, the region has the second highest life expectancy in Norpradia. The population growth is 0,06%, the fourth highest in the entire country. Its capital and largest city is Ströfen, which had an estimated population of 130.792 in 2019, or 127.792 according to the 2017 census.

Besides the Vitte Mountains, Nordia is completely flat and relatively low. It is the second region with the most lakes, only losing to Prada. The most popular lake is Lake Dässaria, which also borders Sainkt Patrick.

Nordia has a GDP per capita of 49.129, the 3rd highest, and a HDI of 0,932, the 3rd highest.

The region is influenced by English Culture. Together with Prada, the region was the pioneer in the unification of Norpradia, and before that, hundreds of small kingdoms ruled the region, but the most influential of them was the Kingdom of Lithoriburg, which had Lithoriburg as its capital.


The region of Nordia has 478 cities, the region with the most number of cities. According to the 2017 census, 39,42% of the Nordian population lived in the 10 most populous cities, they are:

Rank City Population (2017 Census) County District
1. Ströfen 127.792 Ströfen Norr Petesbourgh
2. Neu Glasgov 118.883 Osterzach Neu Scottland
3. Pahenberg 101.128 Pahen Pahenberg
4. Berrisbourgh 78.028 Rüsse Barrisbourgh
5. Trebic 75.815 Ströfen Süd Pettesbourgh
6. Portland 73.132 Sachën Vest Vitte
7. Chevsberg 72.113 Sachën Vest Vitte
8. Corkenberg 71.993 Drolsfurt Corkenberg
9. Verisberg 71.240 Sachën Vest Vitte
10. Billesbourgh 53.228 Sachën Öst Vitte


Prada is divided between eight counties, Ströfen, Rüsse, Osterzach, Sachën, Pahen, Drolsfurt, Grochen, and Dorstëin. Each county is subdivided to create another subdivision, called districts.

Name Abbreviation Capital Area (km²) HDI Population
(2017 Census)
Density (km²)
(2017 Census)
Location Nordia Counties.png
Ströfen NO-ST Ströfen 1.008,11 0,927 290.307 287,97 Ströfen.png
Rüsse NO-RÜ Berrisbourgh 1.126,63 0,919 202.393 179,64 Rüsse.png
Osterzach NO-OS Neu Glasgov 1.339,45 0,939 351.732 262,59 Osterzach.png
Sachën NO-SA Chevsberg 1.535,39 0,940 465.839 303,40 Sachën.png
Pahen NO-PA Pahenberg 2.200,57 0,938 200.722 91,21 Pahen.png
Drolsfurt NO-DR Corkenberg 1.997,73 0,942 290.750 145,54 Drolsfurt.png
Grochen NO-GR Alfredön 2.420,90 0,936 127.821 52,80 Grochen.png
Dorstëin NO-DO Blünck 2.015,16 0,912 206.879 102,66 Dorstëin.png

Quality of Life

According to the 2017 census, the life expectancy of the region was at 81,9 years, the second highest. The gini was of 32,2. The unemployment was at around 7%.

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