The Nurians are a powerful species that live in the Dendrius galaxy. They are native to the planet of Nuria, controllers of the Nurian empire, and creators of the Cybernetics.


The Nurians are all very tall. Despite their intelligence, they have reasonably small brains, but use approximately sixty percent of them unlike humans which use only twenty percent. This makes them exceptionally clever. They have no natural weapons, preferring instead to create their own tools. They have reasonable eyesight and hearing, a weak sense of taste but an extraordinary sense of smell.


In general, Nurians are much like humans. They want power, and are sometimes selfish to get it, but they are also mostly very kind. They appreciate the world they live in but believe in the supreme power of the Nurian Empire.


The Nurians were the first in their sector to create Hyperspace technology and also invented Hyperdrive at a similiar stage to the Cybernetics. They possess CNT technology and advanced shielding. They have also recently discovered Spacial Implosion theory and are looking for ways of using this against their enemies, despite their danger.

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