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Tag(s) Corvette
Purpose(s) Observation
General statistics HP: 900
Max armament(s)
Max complement(s) 2x Gravitic drive
1x Hyperspace ping emitter
1x Waveform bypass module
1x Gravitic flux detector
Miscellaneous notes

In the great voids of space, keeping tabs on the alliance status of deep space requires a tremendous sensor fleet. This requirement is fulfilled by the numerous rather cheap-to-produce observer corvettes. The corvette is the smallest size craft that can hyperspace, both cheap and quick to produce. With it, observers can be rapidly produced to quickly cover vast portions of space. They may be equipped with gravitic flux detectors, making them capable of detecting cloaked enemy units. They are however unarmed, the general idea being that they won't be able to defend effectively against any offensive anyway. If there is trouble, however, they can of course quickly get out of harm's way while bearing news of incoming enemy forces.