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The following is the Georgeland order of precedence.

  1. The President of Georgeland (Charlton Robards )
  2. The Governor of a State within his or her own State.
  3. Governors of states in order of election/appointment:
    1. Governor of Bradmarch (Stephen Potter)
    2. Governor of Capitalia (Elaine Cooper)
    3. Governor of Scoita (Antonia Williams)
    4. Governor of West Mainland (Claudia Anderson)
    5. Governor of Delmago Island (Michael Walker)
    6. Governor of East Mainland (Iain Burke)
    7. Governor of Long Island (Joanne Welsh)
  4. The Prime Minister (Tom Elderton)
  5. The Chief Minister within their own State
  6. The President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Commons in order of appointment:
    1. President of the Senate (Scott Burke)
    2. Speaker of the House of Commons  (Albert Doody)
  7. The Chief Justice of Georgeland (Nisreen Sharif)
  8. Ambassadors and High Commissioners, in order of appointment
  9. Charges d'Affaires, in order of appointment
  10. Members of the Georgeland Cabinet:
    1. Deputy Prime Minister (Edwina Haggard)
    2. Leader of the Government in the Senate (Ryan Stone)
    3. Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate (Florence Roberts)
    4. Treasurer (Natalie Smith)
    5. Minister for Foreign Affairs (Andrew Taylor)
    6. Minister for Defence (John Bedford )
    7. Minister for Finance and Economic Growth (Douglas Jankowski )
    8. Attorney-General (Lisa Foster)
    9. Other Cabinet members, in order of appointment.
  11. The Leader of the Opposition (position vacant)
  12. Former Presidents in order of leaving office:
    1. Thomas Andrews (1997-1999)
    2. Hank Reynolds (2003-2004)
    3. Charlotte Lang (2004-2008)
    4. Lois Daniels (2008-2012)
    5. Eileen Purves (2012-2017)
  13. Former Prime Ministers in order of leaving office:
    1. Eric Edge (1995)
    2. Michael Fisch (1999)
    3. Michael Elderton (2000-2001)
    4. Zoe Parker (2005-2007)
    5. Luke Macaulay (2007-2010)
    6. Lawrence Porter (2010-2015)
    7. Deborah Robards (2015-2019)
    8. Clare Price (Jan-Jul 2019)
  14. Former Chief Justices of Georgeland in order of leaving office:
    1. Michael Bloom (1985-1990)
    2. William Blake (1990-1992)
    3. George McKell (1995- 2005)
    4. Emily O'Connor (2005-2018)
  15. Chief Ministers of states in order of state populations:
    1. Chief Minister of West Mainland (Eve Morris)
    2. Chief Minister of East Mainland (Emily Quincy)
    3. Chief Minister of Scoita (Lisa Cromwell)
    4. Chief Minister of Capitalia (Ravinda Ramayarin)
    5. Chief Minister of Bradmarch (Michael Bridger)
    6. Chief Minister of Long Island (Ian Barwell)
    7. Chief Minister of Delmago Island (Colin Brennan)
  16. The Head of Government of the Federal District (Jennifer Dugdale)
  17. The Mayor of a City within his/her own city
  18. Justices of the Supreme Court in order of appointment
  19. The Chief Justice of a State within his own State
  20. Chief Justices of States in order of appointment:
  21. The Chief of the Defence Force (Patrick Keegan)
  22. Members of Parliament (see list of Georgeland Senators and list of members of the Georgeland House of Commons)
  23. Mayors of State Capitals in order of city populations:
    1. Mayor of Doubledance (Jeff Kim)
    2. Mayor of Santa Christina (Ken Darrow)
    3. Mayor of Emilypolis (David Guzman)
    4. Mayor of New Kikipolis (Derek Matthews)
    5. Mayor of Sergiocitta (Rochelle Williams)
    6. Mayor of Dannyburg (Sally-Ann Ross)
    7. Mayor of Georgetown (Margaret Powell)
  24. Presiding officers of State or Territory Legislatures within their own states or Territories in order of appointment
  25. Presiding officers of State Legislatures in order of appointment
  26. Members of State Cabinets within their own state or Territory in order of appointment
  27. Members of State Cabinets in order of appointment
  28. The Leader of the Opposition of a State Legislature within his or her own state
  29. Leaders of the Opposition of State Legislatures in order of state populations:
    1. West Mainland (Liam Margoyles)
    2. East Mainland (Norman Schumann)
    3. Scoita (Alexandra Dodge)
    4. Capitalia (Nick Fielding)
    5. Long Island (Clinton Fossey)
    6. Bradmarch (Simon Hopkins)
    7. Delmago Island (position vacant)
  30. Judges of State Supreme Courts in order of appointment
  31. Members of State or Legislatures within their own states
  32. Members of State Legislatures in order of state populations
  33. Chiefs of the Naval, Air, and Army Staffs in order of appointment
  34. Consuls-General
  35. Consuls
  36. Vice-Consuls
  37. Recipients of Decorations or Honours from the President


  • The location of officials matters for precedence; an official enjoys different precedence within and without of his or her state.