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The Order of Assassins (siglum: OOA) is one of the most famous and feared organizations of Elysion (something like mafia). The Assassins are divided in classes by the level of their most powerful technique - if it's S-rank the Assassin is a 1st class, if it's A-rank the Assassin is a 2nd class etc.

Main Location: Empire-Kingdom of Mer - Mer Island - Mer Plains - Mer City - OOA Headquarters.

Active Members: All the existing Assassins (1500+).


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Main Classes[]

0 Class Assassin: Absurdly powerful Assassins which may use even an K-rank technique. They are 5 in total.

1st Class Assassin: Known worldwide as the most powerful Assassins of Elysion which may use an S-rank technique, they form the council of the order. They are 10 in total.

2nd Class Assassin: Masters for 3rd class - a little of them is taken as apprentice by the 1st class - They are fully advanced Assassins and may use an A-rank technique. They are c. 100 in total.

3rd Class Assassin: Under training Assassins, they may use an B-rank technique. They are c. 500 in total.

4th Class Assassin: Known as 'failures', they are Assassins who failed in reach the 3rd class - be it for failing in the training or deep sequels acquired in battle -, They may use only C-rank techniques. They are c. 1000 in total.

Special Classes[]

Ninja: Known as the 'silent killers', they may use any ranks of techniques - depending on rank. They are c. 50 in total.

Rogue Assassin: Assassins who abandoned the order, they are former members of many classes. Their number is unknown (but is superior to 200).