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The Imperial Army of the Lein was, in its time, one of the most formidable military forces in the whole world; its founding itself was an innovation of the newly centralised imperial system it served. Organised to a degree that was simply impossible for earlier dynasties, the army was forged into a superior force, both in training and discipline.

Units of the Army

The smallest unit of the army is the Line, which contains 10 men. Five lines make a unit called "nartun", translated as "spur", of 50 men; 6 spurs make a "kanawa", or streaming banner, of 300 men. Five kanawanon then make a "burose", or "flag", of 1,500 men; and four burosenon then make one March, the main organisational unit of the army, with 6,000 fighting men and maybe up to 3,000 auxiliaries and support personnel.

Three of these Marches combine to make an Army, with 18,000 men; and five Armies make the largest unit of the Army, a Grand March of 90,000 men, capable of launching extended campaigns and independent movement to better cope with the large size of the Empire.