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Oro is a powerful Jai-endar Sorceror who was sent to Hayle to explore. He is also the Grand Archsorceror of the Magi Council.


  • Full Name: Oro.
  • Birthplace: A-essendirri.
  • Age: 184,000,000,000 (Estimated).
  • Occupation(s): High Archsorceror of the Magi Council, A-esendirri ambassador to Hayle, General of the Unified Legion of the Defenders of Hayle.
  • Known Relatives/friends: Solilífei µýtan Darazh (friend), Yörig Bracktenheimner (friend), several other people of note (friends).


Oro, like all other Jai-endar, came into existance on A-essendirri billions of years ago. Even among his kind, he was applauded for his Magical skill. After fighting in the epic war against the Minotaur Empire, Oro was sent on an exploration mission to Hayle. There, he joined the Magi Council, and fought the Demons when they invaded the planet, not wanting to see the frankly primitive species destroyed, along with their beautiful world. He has since chosen to remain on Hayle, where he has made many friends. Oro fights against the Demonic and Orcish raids against the Defenders of Hayle.


Oro is a deeply thoughtful, understanding person. He has incredible patience; he is over one-hundred-and-eighty billion years old, after all. He is also open-minded and welcoming. He transforms into something entirely different when he fights Demons, however. One Elven Mage described him as a "cold, vengeful angel of fury and might" when he goes into battle.


Oro has pale skin, silver hair, and dark purple eyes. There are whispered rumours that a tiny spirit of Arcane energy "dances" within his eyes. He usually wears a striking blue, red, purple, green, and yellow robe and matching gloves. Whether these are Jai-endari vestments is unknown.