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The Hon. Oscar Douglas Lyne, OG was the 7th Prime Minister of Georgeland, serving only a single term from 1924 until 1928. A member of the Georgeland Labour Party from the age of fifteen, Lyne served in the government of Eric Donaldson as Postmaster-General from 1911 to 1915 - Lyne the youngest person to sit in federal Cabinet until Charlton Robards was appointed Health Minister in 1994 at the age of 30. Following Donaldson's and Labour's 1915 election defeat, Lyne was elected as deputy leader of the party and replaced Donaldson as Leader of the Opposition in 1920. He became Prime Minister in 1924 after defeating Frederick Eccles and the Conservatives.
Lyne was a Roman Catholic of Irish extraction and thus had a deep connection with the growing sense of nationalism in Georgeland, which had its roots in the Irish nationals now residing there. Consequently, Lyne announced in late 1926 that a referendum would be held on whether to break with the monarchy and become an independent Republic. Many prominent leaders, including some in Lyne's own cabinet, resigned over the decision and campaigned for the status quo. Lyne was noted as an excellent orator and his speeches around the country during 1927 and 1928 were famous and drew large crowds in support of republicanism. The referendum, held concurrently with the 1928 general election, resulted in a narrow win for the republicans but Lyne's party was defeated at the election. He continued as leader of the opposition until 1933 but was never able to regain power. Lyne's term is remembered almost entirely for the republican issue.

Oscar Douglas Lyne
Position 7th Prime Minister of Georgeland
Term in office January 3, 1924 - April 18, 1928
Preceded by Frederick Eccles
Succeeded by Frederick Eccles
Political party Labour
Total time in office 4 years 3 months 17 days (11th)
Born July 15, 1880
Died December 2, 1957
Spouse Margaret Lyne

Preceded by
Frederick Eccles
Prime Minister of Georgeland
January 3, 1924 - April 18, 1928
Succeeded by
Frederick Eccles