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--Bona al la encycla lorica.


Otaria is a port city with a population of 1,900.

The Lord of Otaria is rather liberal when it comes to magic - the normally taboo high magic variety. The lord employs a considerable number of scientists to perform research on faera, recording extensive information about them and what magic they can perform. They also work to cross a variety of faera types in an attempt to produce more powerful faera or faera with different, unexpected effects; this research, however, has so far proven unsuccessful. With the town's nobility treating magic as just another art like blacksmithing or scrivening, it can be supposed that people are actually a bit open about casting high magic.

Some amateur magi actually do take this policy for its face value and use their magic in public. This has resulted in Otaria having the highest average person's knowledge of true magic of any town in Aeriya. This has also resulted in a considerable number of amateur magi originating from Otaria. Everyone gets involved; for this reason, various regions across town have been set up for people to experiment on faera with. However, more advanced spellcasters don't reveal their magic and as a result the magic that the general populace is generally very low level, weak and just about useless, hence discouraging the majority of the populace from making a profession out of magic. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the lord has garnered considerable knowledge on magic, including at least some mid-level stuff. Included in the discoveries that the Otaria researchers have uncovered are moieta purification, selection and cloning mechanisms.

The lord has commissioned the construction of a large biosphere-like building where all kinds of faera could exist together and in concentration; using this container, the lord has been able to greatly amplify the number of faera of each species in his possession.

Otaria's people also go on a variety of hunting and gathering expeditions to further the collection of faera they possess, generally trying their best to keep them alive. It is the only town whose hunters go after faera more than they go after game.

Otaria's port services Cirya's directly; in addition, it also supports transit to Palar and Invara. It has a moderate-sized port.