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File:Otisville train station.jpg
Hoboken-bound train arriving at Otisville station.
Station statistics
Address 1 Kelley Hill Road,
just off Route 211
Otisville, NY.


Port Jervis Line
Other information

Preceding station   MTA NYC logo Metro-North Railroad   Following station
Everett City
toward Everett City International Airport
Port Jervis Line

The Otisville Metro-North station serves the residents of western Everett City. The station is named for a community that existed in the station's location before Everett City was constructed in Orange County, New York. Trains depart regularly for Grand Central.

It is located a short distance off NY 211 near Central Park. The station has long been among the least developed on the Metro-North system, with a shelter on the bare concrete low-level platform but no roof, and minimal parking. However, since the construction of Everett City, the station has undergone redevelopment, expanding the the station and platform and the addition of a parking garage and lot.

A short distance west of the station, trains enter a mile-long (1.6-km) tunnel under the Shawangunk Ridge, the longest in the Metro-North system and one of only two outside of the city. There is thus a long siding beginning just west of the station to allow trains to wait if another one is coming through the tunnel the other way, and as a result Otisville appears to be a double-track station. When trains coming the other direction are near, in fact, one will board on the siding via a wooden platform on the tracks (see photo).

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