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Knighting OL

The knighting of a Dragon Rider

A 'traditional' fantasy world filled with elusive elves, stubborn dwarves and lots of other fantasy goodness.

For now, the Overlords setting will concentrate on the continent of Palurin, the cradle of life. Links to the various pages will be added to this as I add the pages themselves.

Note: The Overlords setting is currently calibrated for use with the D&D 3E system, but should be usable with other systems.

- Jagtai


Some templates I have added for ease of use. Feel free to use or copy them:


Map of Palurin[]


The continent of Palurin

Map Notes[]

  • 1 = Moon River (Ithilduin)
  • 2 = Ghost River (Harduin)
  • 3 = Darkwater (Morialu)
  • 4 = Old River (Yaaralu)
  • 5 = Gate River (Sirannon)
  • 6 = Ice Flow (Ringweduin)
  • 7 = Gold Stream (Dhaeralu)
  • 8 = Blood River (Agarduin)
  • 9 = Durin's River (I'duin)
  • 10 = Black River (Morduin)
  • 11 = Orc River (Gothduin)
  • 12 = Ash River (Lithduin)
  • 13 = King's River (Rikduin)
  • 14 = Horn River (Rassduin)
  • 15 = Death River (Gurthaduin)