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Oyabizna Picture

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This is a fantasy steampunk world with the sole intention of being used for fun and as project to consume time along with its sibling Umbrean a language intended for one of the creations in this world which i have worked on for years now. It is a "furry" world in the sense it contains anthromorphical beings with little to no humans.

Stellar information[]

This is a world set on a gas giant in a system composed of a green star named "undecied name" and orbits at a distance of 1.04 AUs from the star. Above the equitor, starting at an altitude of 7 500 ranging to roughly 74 000km. The ring is kept in check by 2km shepherd moons, the largest being undecieded.

The continents are floating solid land masses at an avarage height of 8.7 Earth radius giving them a gravity of roughly % of Earths

Flora and Fauna[]

The flora and fauna of Oyabizna is unique due its many land masses and huge variety of climates. Along with it being a gas giant many species have developed various methods of flight which can be divided into 3 categories depending on the method.

Flying creatures[]

  1. Aerostatic: Uses various gas combinations to make themselves light enough to float in the air, quite common among plants
  2. Aerodynamical: The shape of the creature creates lift force along with some method of thrust such as wings or gas jets. More common among former land animals.
  3. Aeromagical: Uses celestium or other magical substances to achive lift, quite rare


Main inhabitants of the world is:

  • Umbras
  • Formicas
  • (Humans)