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Paikama (official title: Free State of Paikama) is a modern parliamentary democracy, independent since 1993. Once part of the superpower of the Great Republics, Paikama successfully underwent a process of peaceful separation to become an emerging developed nation. Its citizens are known as Paikans.

The nation covers 18,030 square miles and has a total of 1,496,300 people, distributed throughout ten states:

1) Solara (capital: Solara, pop 384,000)

2) Sangha State/Sangarika (capital: Tenzin City, pop. 37,000)

3) Northland/Pojarika (capital: Jaalinn, pop. 46,000)

4) North River/Pojajogi (capital: Sant Vitus, pop. 17,000)

5) Centralia/Tsentralja (capital: Isajogi, pop. 11,000)

6) Bocaia (capital: Bocaia, pop. 105,000)

7) Libertas (capital: Libertas, pop. 76,000)

8) Crossland/Krusama (capital: Crosstown, pop. 59,000)

9) South Free State/ Lona Vabarika (capital: La Costa, pop. 24,000)

10) Sareland/Sarerika (capital: Port-Janis, pop. 4,000)

Most of the nation is forested, with mountainous areas in the northern part of the country and low-lying river valleys in the south.

There are three major rivers:

-Idajogi, which is the majority of the eastern border;

-Lonajogi, which is the southern border;

-Puajogi, which branches from the Idajogi out of Lake Keska in Crossland. Lake Keska is the only major lake in the nation. The highest point is Mesimai, or Honey Mountain, which is 2,304 feet high and is found in Northland.

People in Paikama speak Paikan and English, the two official languages in the nation; in addition, Spanish and Scandinavian languages are also quite common, particularly in the southern cities of Libertas and La Costa. All students are required to study both Paikan and English in school, which begins at 6 and ends at 17. Students then take A-exams in order to enter university, which lasts 3-4 years, typically.