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Panau Armed Forces
"Angkatan Bersenjata Panau"
Seal of Panau Armed Force 1
Insignia of Panau Armed Force
Founded 1941
Current form Active
Service branches Republic of panau Army
Republic of panau Navy
Republic of panau Air Force
Headquarters Financial District, Panau City
Commander-in-Chief Pandak Panay
Minister of Defense Ismail Hameem
Commander Rashid Owen
Military age 18 years of age
Conscription 18 years of age, 22 - 24 month period
Available for
military service
1,571,300, age 15–49
Fit for
military service
1,975,513, age 15–49
Reaching military
age annually
Active personnel 116,340
Reserve personnel 771,000
Budget PND 14.549 billion
Percent of GDP 7.60
Domestic suppliers Panau Tech Engineering
Foreign suppliers North Korea
United Kingdom
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The Panau Armed Forces (or PAF) is the national armed forces of the Republic of Panau. In addition, it is also the government force of Panau, and also acts as the law enforcement. Pandak Panay is the current Commander-in-Chief of the PAF. The PAF is also the country's ruling entity.

Political Involvement[]

Seeing as how PAF ruling entity in Pandak Panay regime. Many of the politicians are also part of the military.

Ranking System[]

These ranks are for every division of the PAF. After each rank will be a timespan a person has to be that rank to rank up but have to pass some militay test, this can however vary based on several things:


  • Ensign I (1 year)
  • Ensign II (1 year)
  • Soldier I (2 years)
  • Soldier II (1 year)
  • Soldier III (1 year)
  • Soldier Officer I (2 years)
  • Soldier Officer II (2 years)
  • Soldier Officer III (3 years)
  • Commander I (2 years)
  • Commander II (3 years)
  • Captain I (3 years)
  • Captain II (2 years)
  • Colonel I (3 years)
  • Colonel II (2 years)
  • General II stars (3 years)
  • General III stars (3 years)
  • General IV stars (5 years)
  • General V stars (10 years)
  • Commander-in-Chief (N/A)


The Panau Armed Forces (PAF) consists of the:

  • Army (three Combined Arms Divisions: 3 Div, 6 Div & 9 Div, two Army Operational Reserve Divisions, 20th and 23rd, and one island defence command: 3 People's Defence Forces)
  • Air Force (eigthtteen squadrons and four air bases)
  • Navy (ten squadrons and five naval bases)

The PAF is headed by President as the commander-in-chief. The PAF has a Sergeant Major who is currently SWO Jejormar Ikso .The commander-in-chief is supported by various staff from branches such as the Joint Operations and Planning Directorate, the Joint Manpower Department, the Joint Logistic Department, the Military Intelligence Organisation and the Foreign Military Relation Branch. Supporting the combat role of the PAF, are other governmental organisations of the Ministry of Defence, such as the Defence Policy Group, the Defence Management Group, the Defence Industry and System Office and the Defence Research and Technology Office. Within these groups are the Panau Agency Defence Science & Technology Agency (PDSTA), the Panau Central Manpower Base (PCMB), and the Panau Military Security Department (PMSD). Domestic technology companies also play a role in building up Panau's military capabilities, particularly the government-linked Panau Tech Engineering, which designed and built some of the PAF's more advanced weaponry and equipment based on specific local requirements which may be expensive for foreign companies to adapt and produce.

The Special Operations Task Force, comprised by the selected members of the Blackhand Special Operation Force (BSOF), PAF Commando Formation, Naval Underwater Unit, Republic of Panau Marine Corp (RPMC) and other forces integrated under one command, is formed to combat common rebel threats.

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