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Panau International Terminal

Terminal A of Panau International Airport

Panau International Airport, is the largest air facility in the country, boasting the longest paved runways. The terminal buildings and control towers are very modern, possibly another vestige of the former presidency. Despite its alleged status as an International Airport, the area is controlled by the military, and access to the tarmac area is prohibited. The airport is situated close to Panau City, off the main motorway, in the Ramai Rakyat Islands province.

The Airport was first built in 1937 by the British, with only a small runway and terminal. In 1976 the government decided to demolish the old airport and replace it with a new one.In 2002 the goverment try to make it larger and stylish with a second runway.

The Airport is the main hub of Panau's national airline, Panau Air.


When Pandak Panay took the office of president after the assasination of his late father, Syed Panay, several airlines across the world stopped flying to Panau International, including British Airways, which was formally banned by Pandak Panay. Other Airlines that stop flying to the airport included American Airlines, BMI, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Air Malta, Qantas, and Air Canada.

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