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Pangaea Futura (also called Gea or Pangaea of the Future) is a fictional futuristic era of Earth that begins somewhere in the mid-third millenium.


The history of Pangaea Futura encompasses the time between 2559, the year when the Correctory Island was built, and 2968, present year.


Geography of Pangaea Futura is very similar to the one on Earth. Except one thing. Every landmass is connected. People have managed to find the substance that raises ground and makes it stronger and more resistant. They began building landbridges and artificial islands, thus enabling connection between continents. Another theory about building artificial landmasses is that people sensed the fear of water over the years.


There are fifteen countries on Gea, two of which are not "real". On is an empty landmass, and another is the world's most terrible correctional facility.