The Paralians are one of three major superpowers that form part of the Power Triangle in the Low East Sector.


The Paralians developed a written language very early on, meaning that modern - day historians can understand a lot about life in the early stages of the Paralians' development. Early Paralians lived in a surprisingly organized environment, with the more muscular and skilled males doing the hunting while the more intelligent females would work with medicine and the food, as well as leading the tribes.

As time progressed, the Paralians started looking for ways to improve their way of life. They began to craft more efficient and effective weaponry for hunting. These weapons were seldom used for war of any kind. They also began to harvest cotton and plants similiar to provide personal comfort.

They moved on slowly but consistantly, gradually discovering new ways of developing their own way of life. They began to use stone and wood for the construction of buildings instead of just using caves, and also manufactured their own bricks.

As the years went on, nations became bigger and stronger. Occasionally, two nations would set aside their differences and combine their territory and resources together, forming a more powerful nation. By their medieval era, only three distinct nations existed, each of these being very luxurious and powerful.

The era of modernization began early, with the construction of the first gunpowder weapons. From that point, things moved exceptionally quickly, with the Paralians constructing more advanced weaponry and developing the use of science.

The final unifications took place not many years before the launch of their first spacecraft. It was at this point that the whole of Paralia was led by a single government, a single organization. This organization had convinced itself that it was the most powerful in the galaxy. So they were surprised when they met the Luranians and the Noralians, two species that possessed equal power to theirs, and who had also convinced themselves that they were the greatest species.

The tension between what became known as the Power Triangle increased, and not long after war broke out. All three wanted desperately to control the valuable resources that lay in the centre of the Power Triangle, and war seemed like the only way. No side is as of yet successful, and the war remains as closed as it always was.


Paralians are tall and muscular. Although most of their senses are poor, this is made up for by their astounding physical speed and strength. They are also reasonably intelligent.

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