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The Parliament of the United Islands of Georgeland is the legislative branch of the federal government of Georgeland. The Constitution of Georgeland provides for the existence of Parliament and outlines it's powers. Parliament consists of the President, the House of Commons, the "lower house", and the Senate, the "upper house". The Georgeland parliament follows the Westminster system and is based mostly on the Parliament of the United Kingdom.
The House of Commons consists of 261 members (referred to as "MPs"), elected from single-member constituencies by a preferential or Instant Runoff electoral system. The Senate consists of 80 members - twelve from the six large states, six from Delmago Island and two from the Federal District. Senators are elected under a form of proportional representation.
Both Houses meet at the Georgeland Houses of Parliament, located in Topstad.


The Houses of Parliament, Topstad



Parliament consists of a total of 341 members, excluding the President, who is considered to be part of Parliament but not a member. The House of Commons consists of 261 members from single-member constituencies elected for a three-year term. The Senate, the upper house, consists of 80 members, twelve from each of the large states, six from Delmago Island and two from the Federal District, elected on a proportional basis for a six-year term.

Latest election[]

See Georgeland legislative election, 2005



Conflict between houses[]

The Constitution of Georgeland provides for resolving conflicts between houses. If one house rejects a bill that the other has passed, after a period of two months the legislation can be reintroduced. If the legislation again passes one house but not the other (regardless of which house passed it the first time), the President may, on the advice of the Prime Minister, issue writs dissolving both houses and calling an election to elect an entirely new parliament. This process is called a Double Dissolution. This has taken place 5 times since 1891 - in 1958, 1987, 1995, 1999 and 2002. Charlton Robards is the only Prime Minister to call two Double Dissolutions, and Susan O'Byrne the only President to issue writs for two during her term in office.


Members of the Parliament[]