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Parringten today.


Parringten in relation to Heritel.

Parringten is a town located on the planet Cortolowe, in the Heritel region. It is a town that has remained small and beautiful, placed just on the coast and looking out to the Rezurr ocean. Heritel is a popular place for retirement.


Parringten began as a small settlement back in 1998 by a group of humans. It was a temporary stop, but many of the settlers decided not to leave. The town slowly grew, but throughout history remained considerably small. In todays modern world, the town is preserved and building restrictions have been placed to ensure its beauty is not ruined.

The town was also home and birthplace to members of the Celluro family, who shaped the world of politics in the 1300s and 1400s.


The Celluro house remains a popular attraction for visitors.

Parringten also boasts beautiful hills which provide a great place to picnic or to watch the sunset. Sea creatures can sometimes be seen frolicking in the waters. Parringten is a place of simple pleasures, and is great for relaxing or enjoying peaceful time with the family. It is sometimes compared to seaside towns found in places such as England on Earth.

Parringten has venues such as chocolatiers, ice cream shops, handmade gift stores, and has a range of charming places to accommodate travelers. In 2053, Parringten was awrded as one of the top twenty holiday spots in Corolowe for its natural beauty.

Historical Events[]

  • Birth of members of the Celluro family, including Norman Juri Celluro and Patricia Juri Celluro
  • During the "great earthquake of Cortolowe" in 1432, Parringten remained undamaged, and helped accommodate those in need
  • In 1417 Parringten was the first to publish Kebby Josen's final work-- her article on racism between Neter and humans.
  • In 1901 commercial jet "Prisby 422" from Prisby Airlines crashed off the coast of Heritel. Parringten was the closest to the disaster, and locals drove their boats to the scene to help save whoever they could.