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Justice Paul McGuinness (b. 1947) is the newest Associate Justice of the United Islands Supreme Court. He was appointed to the position in 2006 amid some controversy.
Justice Kevin Armstrong had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and wished to retire. An agreement was reached that he would withhold from retirement until his replacement was appointed. The government of Zoe Parker chose Colin Fitzpatrick, a professor of Law and Liberal Democratic Party member to replace Armstrong on the court. Though the opposition Conservatives could not directly block the confirmation vote in Parliament, they instigated a series of delaying tactics in the confirmation hearings and committees, designed to stall the nomination of the partisan Fitzpatrick. In April 2006, several LDP parliamentarians implied they would not vote to confirm Fitzpatrick, echoing the Tory view that judicial appointees should not be so blatantly partisan. In early June 2006, Fitzpatrick's name was withdrawn. Justice McGuinness was chosen as a 'compromise' between Parker and Tory leader Luke Macaulay. Justice McGuinness is seen as a moderate who has no history of activism or political activity. He was formerly the Chief Justice of Capitalia.

Preceded by
Kevin Armstrong
Associate Justice of the
United Islands Supreme Court

June 8, 2006-
Succeeded by