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Pauline Bell (b. 1943) is the incumbent Mayor of Sergiocitta, the capital and principal city of the Georgeland state of Bradmarch. Bell was elected Mayor in 1997 with 43% of the vote. She was elected as a member of the United Islands Labour Party, re-elected in 2001 as a Liberal and in 2005 as a Liberal Democrat. She is one of only two Mayors to have been elected from three different parties - the other is William Gladstone Shepherd of Dannyburg. Mayor Bell was re-elected in 2005 with a personal majority, making her one of the city's most popular mayors. She is a significant player in state politics and an ally of the state Chief Minister, Shannon DeVere. Mayor Bell has declared she will run for a fourth term in 2009 and that her fourth term will be her last.

Preceded by
Bill Sheppard
Mayor of Sergiocitta
October 16, 1997-
Succeeded by