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Pedarttote mesnej
Area 178.3 km²
as of
Dec 2006

Pedarttot, widely handled as suburbs of Soigokes, is a municipality in the province of Ojidijes with town rights.


Founded as a Catameilist parish in 1608 at the mouth of a river with the same name, Pedarttot developed as a small but lively trading place for the next two hundred years.

Christianity had a strong following amongst people in the municipality, that didn't approve Ferrine Catameilist policies. Finally, in 1810, the people rebelled and lit the local temple on fire. This inspired other people in the empire to join massive protests, and the Ferrine emperor was forced to abdicate. Regent Count Jag Konterkes then thanked the town by improving conditions there, launching a constructing boom. For example, the local Yoanzaran Christian church is larger than the church of neighbouring town, Soigokes.

The municipality acquired petit rights on 1814 and formal town rights in 1880.


Pedarttote rarmenkis ljevet