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Phyutamese monk

Pħyûtǎmese monk.

Temple girls

Devoted worshippers.

Buddhism was imported to Pħyûtǎmqá from mainland Southeast Asia in around the 2nd century, and has ever since been a constant presence in the daily life of the Pħyûtǎmese people. Here, Theravada Buddhism is practiced by those who believe that man's ideal state is achieved through the elimination of all desires and a total detachment from the material world. Local temples are rarely empty of worshippers, just as shrines and sacred images are never lacking in homes, cars, and shops.

Despite being a desperately poor country, enormous amounts of rice and flowers are donated to monks across Pħyûtǎmqá each day , and much is contributed to the maintenance of the few monasteries that survived the Great Proletarian Corrective Revolution. A common misconception is that all Buddhists are vegetarians. The fact is, Buddhists are allowed to eat animals, they just cannot be responsible for killing them. Hence, those whose occupations are associated with death rank at the bottom of the caste system.