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There have been many peoples in Ardenjost, some of them still existing, some not.

Current peoples[]


As ethnic group, Ardenjostan people, or the Sonnes, means the people, that speaks the Sonnend language. Before 17th century there was only a Ferrine nation. After that, it was normal to divide the Silgrare-derived peoples in two parts: the Catameilists and the Christians. The distinction over linguistic lines began only in the beginning of 19th century, first dividing the main population of the Ferrine Empire into Sonnes, referring to the province of Sonnok, and Central, referring to the area near Ferrine capital.


Finns of Ardenjost came to the country in two waves:

  • 1) The Finnish conquests in 1860's-70's
  • 2) The Finnish instability in 1870's-90's


The Virbod people lives mainly in eastern Rjebok. They are the descendants of Cardobian and Nins immigrants to former kingdom of Gesider.

Former peoples[]