Greater Persian Empire of Iran
Location of the Persian Empire (PC07)
Capital Tehran (political)
Mashad (religious)
Largest city Tehran
Government Unitary Islamic empire
• Diet
Shah's Council
Currency Rial

The Greater Persian Empire of Iran (commonly Persia, the Persian Empire or Iran) is a country located in Western- and Central Asia. Allegedly created in response to 'American imperialism' in the region, Persia was formed largely around the former nations of Iran and Pakistan, the latter of which was being invaded by the Allied States of America at the time. The country was formed in early November 2012 after Pakistan and Iran agreed at a summit to form a single Islamic nation. Later (in that order), Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan joined the Empire. The Empire also attempted to acquire Kazakhstan, but that has been unsuccessful, and led to the Persia-Kazakh War.

The Empire has a total population of X with its political capital in Tehran. Following Shi'a Islam, the nation's "religious" capital lies in Mashad. The country is a founding member of the Middle Eastern Coalition along with the Kingdom of Arabia, is also a member of the United Nations and is currently being engaged in a war with the Allied States.

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