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Holy Metari City of Peshalim
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Blank map of South Cadia
Continent South Cadia
Nation Metari Theocracy
Region Peshal
First Settlement 2100p
Named for City on the Peshal River
 - Queen Estem Husei Nati
 - High Theologian Peshal Itsuo Diede
Elevation 14 m (47 ft)
Population (1700p)
 - Total 35,000
 - Demonym Pesha (permanent residents)
Metari (non-permanent residents)

Peshalim is the holy city of the Metari faith and the origin of the Metari civilization. Located in northeastern South Cadia, the city is centered on the Temple of the Spirit, the holiest site in the Metari faith, said to be the place where Metar first appeared to pre-Metari Pesha nomads. Established first as a small village surrounding the Temple, Peshalim grew quickly over the centuries as more nomads in the surrounding lands began to adhere to Metariism. Peshalism is the primary city of the Theocracy's Peshal Region, and the largest city in South Cadia, with over 35,000 residents calling it home.

Geography and Climate[]

Peshalim is located in the South Cadian lowlands, along the Peshal River, approximately 90 miles from the Central Ocean. Peshalim is subject to hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Snow can occur in December and January, but is extremely rare.


Metari religious texts establish that Metar first appeared to nomadic Pesha livestock herders at the site of Peshalim, estimated to be around the year 2100p. The site of the appearance was first marked by a small ring of stones, around which a permanent encampment was established. Metar was said to have appeared several times throughout the next century, to provide guidance for the people of the village. Word spread throughout the surrounding countryside of Metar's teachings, which in turned fueled the growth of the village, with curious people from around South Cadia relocating to Peshalim.

By 2050p, a organized religious movement based in the teachings of Metar was formed, led by a Theological Council comprised of the seven principal priests of the Metari faith. The Queen of the Peshalim city-state declared the Metari Theocracy, led by himself and the Theological Council. The Theocracy is credited with unifying the Metari faithful in the surrounding areas under a single government by 1930p, eventually spanning much of South Cadia.



Peshalim is the holy city of Metariism. It is centered around the Temple of the Spirit, which sits atop a hill in the western half of the city. The Temple's distinctive shape can be seen from anywhere in the city as a result. Pilgrims from all over South Cadia travel to the Temple to worship in special prayer services led by members of the Theological Council in unity with other faithful.


The Temple of the Spirit is shaped similar to an eight-pointed star. From each of these points leads a road exiting the city in eight different directions. From Temple Hill to the Peshal waterfront, the "vertices" connecting the radial roads form an octagonal path pattern creating a measured shape to the area surrounding the Temple.