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Peter James Ablegam (born January 19, 1944) is a Bancairn journalist, radio and TV presenter, as well as a biographer. He is known for his long career at the RBC and numerous historical and biographical works.

Early life[]

Peter Ablegam was born in Farnham. His father, David Ablegam, was a refinery engineer employed by the NAPC, and his mother a talented radio reporter by the name of Francesca Highton.

Republica Broadcasting Corporation[]


Having left college, Ablegam entered an apprenticeship as production assistant at the RBC in 1960. He first started working full-time editor for political talk-show "Republic & People" in 1964.



Ablegam then patiently climbed the very rigid pyramid that RBC was during the 1970s and 1980s and finally became a full-time reporter and newscaster. In 1987, when he was on the publishing board of RBC, Ablegam created "Let's play History!", a historical didactic TV program presented by Mark Ranson and Liz Wright,which first aired in the Summer of 1991, and has been described as "cult" by many Cairns.


He also worked for the Bancairn Radio from 1971 to 1989.


Peter Ablegam has become a popular figure of Bancairn contemporary literature, notably for his work on biographies of the Howard family politicans, as well as a historian. He has written several books,of which the most famous are:

  • 1980-1989: The Decennia, 1989 (with Lawrence Fewty)
  • The Randall Scandal, 1997