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Peter Jakob Stefansen
8th President of Leubantia
In office
24 February, 2005 – 23 February, 2008
Prime Minister Klyw Cilda
Preceded by Tomas Bela
Succeeded by Edward Sune Buns Wiladsen
Constituency Leubantian
Member of the Senate for Falcbek
In office
24 February, 1990 – 23 February, 2008
Governor of Falcbek
Assumed office
26 February, 2011
Personal details
BornOctober 13, 1954 (1954-10-13) (age 69)
Harilta, Dalborag, Leubantia
Political partyLiberal
Spouse(s)Mary Wercski

Peter Stefansen was President of Leubantia from 2005 through 2008.

Stefansen was born on 13 October 1954 in the city of Harilta, the capital of the province of Dalborag. Shortly after his birth, his family moved east to a small town i n Falcbek. After graduating from high school, Stefansen studied law at the University of Sibarmiw, and after he completed his education he became a lawyer, often representing prosecutors. His first major political office was representing Falcbek in the Senate, where he was elected in 1990 as a member of the Liberal Party. Stajnba was elected President in the 2004 Election. However, mainly due to his mistake in taking away funding from education to support businesses, he lost the 2007 Leubantian presidential election to his conservative opponent, Edward Sune Buns Wiladsen, by a historically narrow margin. Stefansen then decided not to return to the Senate. In March 2008, Stefansen stated he wished to become the Governor of Falcbek. He later ran for the position in the 2010 Falcbek gubernatorial election, and won the position.