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The electoral division of Peterson is a Georgeland House of Commons constituency located in East Mainland. The constituency is named for explorer Sir Harold Peterson. As of 2007, the seat is considered a marginal seat for the Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands, though previously it had been a safe Labour and then Liberal/Liberal Democratic seat. The current Member for Peterson is the Hon. Robin Sales, MP, the current Leader of the Opposition, who has represented the seat since 2007. His immediate predecessor was Zoe Parker, Prime Minister of Georgeland from 2005 to 2007. It had been a safe Conservative seat for much of its history. The electorate encompasses the towns of Cosgrove Hill, Weighcliffe and Hall, with several smaller communities in its borders as well. The largest population centre is Weighcliffe, which has 15,345 residents. The member's electorate office has is located in Weighcliffe, though Parker's office was located in her home town, Cosgrove Hill.

Members of Parliament[]

  • Sir Ian Glasgow (Conservative) 1915-1931
  • John Garrett (Conservative) 1931-1938
  • Michael Thomas (Labour 1938-1947
  • David Hoddle (Conservative) 1947-1967
  • George Duggan (Labour) 1967-1976
  • Winston Hume (Independent) 1976-1979
  • Doug Lewis (Conservative) 1979-1997
  • Zoe Parker (Labour/Liberal/Liberal Democrat) 1997-2007
  • Robin Sales (Liberal Democrat)