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Phased ions
Tag(s) Researchable
Purpose(s) Weapon (Energy)
Prerequisite tech(s) Alternating ions
Development time(s)

Project size (A): 6,000,000
Researcher saturation point (N): 10,000
Maximum research speed if C = 1: 1,200 sec
Enables Phased ion array
Pinpoint coordination
Obsoletes Alternating ions
Miscellaneous notes

One of the main problems with the early ion cannon was that it generated so much of a degenerative field that aiming more beams at the same target could not increase the damage inflicted. With the discovery of the phasing mechanism came the ability to inflict considerably more damage than they could before when attacks were concentrated by ion cannons on a single vessel. Thus the phased ion cannon array came into being, many times stronger than a single ion cannon of course, and capable of wiping out a target much more rapidly. Additionally, because the phasing solves the degenerative field problem, phased ions attack far more rapidly, greatly compacting attack times. A phased ion array, holding four modified ion cannons, can in one shot cleanly destroy many frigate classes.