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Plasma weaponry
Tag(s) Researchable
Purpose(s) Weapon (Energy)
Prerequisite tech(s) Fusion weaponry
Development time(s)

Project size (A): 2,500,000
Researcher saturation point (N): 10,000
Maximum research speed if C = 1: 500 sec
Enables Plasma missile
Plasma purging
Miscellaneous notes

With the coming of war, people pretty soon realized that there was much to be said about the destructive capabilities of the very plasma in their fusion tokamaks. Although the plasma within the fusion power plants is magnetically constrained, it is nearly impossible to constrain such plasma and their destructive powers if unleashed as a weapon. Thus the plasma missile was founded. Ships could channel their plasma to exit conduits and launch these balls of immensely hot matter toward their foes. Although this is a very clumsy, slow-to-use "missile", it can wreak immense havoc when it hits its target (generally frigates or higher).