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A political party that supports the people's view on how things are ran within Lunan. Based on the ideas of the other political parties.


When the Japanese occupied regions voted to fight the Free Lunanese Party, the people formed a militia. Then when it was time to vote the people chose the Popular Lunanese Party as their party. Then came the Vietnam War and the Hmong people came to Lunan to set up a group of fighters to defeat the Viet Cong.


  • The PLP supports the word "freedom" and "justice" as their main goal.
  • PLP helps out with the Global Warning Crisis as their main concern.
  • Any person can join the PLP and vote in the primary elections.


The Republic of Lunan is facing a crisis due to tensions from ethnic Darawi. The Darawi militia threatens the Republic of China. The Darzistani Secret Police or Dar'zai al-Jihadiyah made hateful threat towards the Bhutanese government. These extremists faced international news in 1995 from Prime Minister Abbu al-Nukah.