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Porin kaupunki
Province Satakunta
Area 333.14 km²
as of
Dec -05

Pori is the biggest city and the capital in the province of Satakunta, and the 11th most populous municipality in Finland. It is bordered by the municipalities of Ahlainen, Markkula, Kullaa, Ulvila, Nakkila and Luvia.


The town of Pori (then Björneborg) was founded in 1663 to an island on the mouth of Kokemäenjoki River by then-reigning Swedish king, to replace the town of Ulvila more upstream. Growing erosion combined by dropping sea level had moved the shoreline further toward the Bothnian Sea, which diminished the viability and strategic importance of Ulvila. Furthermore, the new Swedish town was in the vinicity of the Principality of Ramoa to the west, as well as Tavastian territories to the south.

Changes in municipal borders[]

Pori started with an area of 1.4 km², but territories from adjacent Pori rural municipality were attached, culminating into a total absorption in 1967.


The superdistricts are those of Keskusta, Kyläsaari, Selkämeri, Preiviiki, Viasvesi, Lattomeri and Pohjoisranta.



Pori is served by an extensive railway network, serving the city center to following directions:

  • Tampere, Kokemäki, Helsinki etc. through Satakuntese Railway to the south;
  • Parkano, Seinäjoki, Jyväskylä etc. through First Normal Railway to the east;
  • Vaasa, Oulu, Ravinjarg etc. through Western Coastal Railway to the northeast;
  • Selkämeri superdistrict, including Pori Harbour, through Satakuntese Railway to the north;
  • Rauma, Uusikaupunki, Turku etc. through Western Coastal Railway to the west;
  • Lattomeri superdistrict and the Pori International Airport through Pori Metropolitan Railway, Airport Line to the southwest.

Apart from intercity trains, there is also a commuter rail service.


The international airport of Pori is located on the municipal border to Nakkila. It has two runways, it holds the terminus of the airport line of Pori Metropolitan Railway, and is crossed underneath by Ring Road II.

It has regular flights to:

  • domestic destinations of Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu, Kajaani, Kotka and Kuopio;
  • federal destinations of Mariehamn, Ravinjarg, Muoná, Eanodat, Suadzgil, Avvil, Vuoreija, Arkangeli, Petroscoi and Viepurj;
  • foreign destinations of Stockholm, Umeå, Malmö, Berlin, Riga, Oslo, St. Petersburg and Moscow.


The following highways cross Pori:

  • Route 2 (Helsinki-Pori-Mäntyluoto)
  • Route 8 (Turku-Kuusamo)
  • Route 11 (Pori-Tampere-Kouvola)

There are also three ring roads, having numbers 251, 252 and 253.


Pori has the following tram lines:

  • 1A Liinaharja-Downtown-Kalaholma
  • 1B Musa-Downtown-Koivistonluoto
  • 2A Pormestarinluoto-Downtown-Mikkola
  • 2B Toejoki-Downtown-Ilmakoulu
  • 3 Kolmihaara-Downtown-Sampola
  • 4 Kvistinluoto-Downtown-Kartano
  • 5A Fäärtinjuopa-Jyräjuopa-Downtown-Koivula-Väinölä
  • 5B Jyräjuopa-Downtown-Koivula
  • 6 Vähärauma-Käppärä-Downtown-Aittaluoto
  • 7M Liinaharja-Raumanjuopa-Isosanta-Toejoki-Isojoenranta-Kalaholma-Väinölä-Koivistonluoto-Impola-Tiilimäki-Liinaharja
  • 7V Liinaharja-Tiilimäki-Impola-Koivistonluoto-Väinölä-Kalaholma-Isojoenranta-Toejoki-Isosanta-Raumanjuopa-Liinaharja