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Port Arista Naval Station
Aspiria, Yucatan
Fort Avaris Naval Station
Naval Station Arista as of 2021
Type Military base
In use 2018 - present
Controlled by Union of Everett Navy
Garrison 1st Pacific Fleet

Port Arista Naval Station or NS Arista is a Union of Everett naval base located in southwestern Yucatan state on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The base is bordered to the north the city of Aspiria, to the north east is Arista Air Force Base and the facility sits on the shore of the man-made La Joya Bay. The base serves as one of two major Pacific naval stations, housing half of the Union of Everett's Pacific Fleet. Completed in late 2018, NS Arista maintains an active Navy staff of 7,000 employees, officers and crewmen and operates a full division of the Union of Everett Marine Corps. NS Arista is also the home base to the Pacific Union of Everett Coast Guard.

NS Arista notably contains three shipyard drydocks for constructing naval vessels. The station also houses docks for docking up to three Nimitz or Ford class aircraft carriers, five Amphibious Assault Carriers, five Massachusetts class battleships, ten Destroyers, ten AEGIS Missile Cruisers and 20 to 30 smaller vessels such as Coast Guard cutters, Naval frigates, corvettes and other vessels. The base is the home port of the EVS Integrity and EVS Bravery aircraft carriers and their associated strike groups.

The east side of the La Joya Bay are military housing condo complexes and developments in which Marines and Navy personnel and their families may reside. The communities currently maintain a population of 30,000 residents.