Port James
Independent Municipality of Port James
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Seal of Port James.png
Nickname(s): "The City of Revolutionaries"
Location of Port James.png
Country Atlion
State Broker
Named for Captain James Broker
Seat Port James City Hall
 - Type Mayor-council
 - Mayor Karl Jamison
 - City Council
Population (2012)
 - Total 2,873,092

Port James is the capital and fifth most populous city in the Atlionese state of Broker. The population was 2,873,092 at the 2012 state census, making Port James an independent municipality by state standards. Port James is situated on Title Island, and is surrounded by Title County entirely where it does not border the ocean. To the north of the city is Stutton Strait, and to the south is the Atlantic Ocean. The city acted as the colonial capital of the British from 1506 to 1777, when the city was the first claimed by the British secessionists during the Albionese Revolutionary War. Port James was considered in 1800 as the capital of Atlion, however, Luminaire was chosen instead.


Port James derives its name from Captain James Broker, the de facto founder and namesake of the state. Broker arrived at the city's location in 1506 one day before his commander, Commodore Richard Stutton, and established the camp. Broker was an administrator, sent by the Crown to assist the Commodore in dealing with civilian affairs. After the camp became a town and eventually the colonial capital of the Province of Broker, the monarch allowed for the city to be known as Port James.


The area now known as Port James was first explored by Captain James Broker, a British administrator who accompanied Commodore Richard Stutton to Atlion to oversee civilian affairs. The city in its first months was merely a camp for the British in the region. The Province of Broker (which was established along with the Province of Edwardsland) found its colonial capital in Port James by 1508, when the camp started expanding into a large military settlement and eventually a town. James Broker, who had the honor of being the namesake of many of the province's locations, was appointed Royal Governor of Broker in 1515, thus the province's first governor. He established Port James as the official capital and expanded on many of the city's affairs.

1764 saw Port James being the origin of the Albionese Independence Movement, a large group of British settlers who wanted independence from Britain and freedom for the French and Dutch to the north. The Battle of Port James in 1776 through early 1777 saw the city captured by the secessionists and established as the first capital of the Republic of Albion. Newidport in Edwardsland became the new colonial capital for the British in Albion.








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