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This page contains the Newosweik planet's portal. Everything from geography, to biology, culture, news, languages, etc will be held here.


Newosweik is a planet a couple light years away from ours. Even though the people who inhabit it don't agree on the exact location, some saying that it's near Alpha Centauri and others claiming that the constellations point towards somewhere in the Big Dipper, only one thing is certain: it's a freaking long distance away from Earth. Newosweik's population derives mainly from 21st century colonizers that were sucked in by some vortex or something and were forced to make a home somewhere else, far away from the Old Terra and all it's trouble. The thing they didn't realise is that, well, humans tend to bring it everywhere they go.
Newosweik Space View

Called frequently by it's inhabitants, Big Ol' Round

The continent of Nueva Tierra is the first continent to have inhabitants invented for it, but this world is just unfolding and more is coming.



Map Photorealistic

Map with environments of Newosweik

The ever-changing face of Newowseik (under construction):

Map Blank Grey Newosweik

Map with nations of Newosweik... ...currently in blank

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  • Timeline of events
  • Geography
  • Regions
  • Nations and States
  • Cities
  • Culture
  • People
  • Languages
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  • Newosweik's Contact with other Worlds
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D'ya wanna give a hand?

This all started as an idea one person had, but there's a lot of space for people who want to help out with the building of this world, don't hesitate to do so. The only condition is that ideas will have to be me at my talk page ([1]), and we'll see where we can take them. Enjoy!