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Nickname(s): Ðe Land der Seen/Sjöarnas Land (Norpradian Dialect/Swedish)
"The Land of the Lakes"
Capital Neu Edimbourgh
 - Type Government of Prada
 - Governor Gabriel Müller
 - Total 20.449,37 km2 (7.895,54 sq mi)
Area rank 3rd
Highest elevation 3.590 m (11.778 ft)
Lowest elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Population (2017) 1.185.646
Population rank 6th
 - Demonym Pradian
Time zone Lithoriburg Time ([[Wikipedia:UTC|UTC+1]])
ISO 3166 code NR-PR

Prada is a region in the northeastern part of Norpradia. It is the second least populous region, only larger than Elliön, and the third largest by area. Prada is bordered by Elliön to the northwest, Norr Rödsomor to the southwest, Sainkt Patrick to the south, Nordia to the southeast, and the North Sea to the north, west and east. Together with Elliön and Nordia, the region has the second highest life expectancy in Norpradia. The population growth is -0,07%, the lowest in the entire country. Its capital and largest city is Neu Edimbourgh, which had an estimated population of 99.957 in 2019, or 100.738 according to the 2017 census.

Prada is the most diverse region in terms of geography in Norpradia, with many lakes, such as the Villerm Lake, many mountains such as Villerm Mountains and Sassia Mountains, and many plateaus, such as the Sassia Plateau.

The region is arguably one of the richest and most prosperous in the entire country, with a GDP per capita of 49.852, the 2nd highest, only losing Lithoriburg, and a HDI of 0,930, the 4th highest.

Prada is influenced by Swedish Culture to the central and northern parts, German Culture to the southeast, and English Culture to the southwest. Together with Nordia, the region was the pioneer in the unification of Norpradia, and before that, hundreds of small kingdoms ruled the region, but the most influential of them was the Kingdom of Prada, which had Rottönfurt as its capital.


The region of Prada has 316 cities, the third region with the most number of cities. According to the 2017 census, 37,49% of the Pradian population lived in the 10 most populous cities, they are:

Rank City Population (2017 Census) County District
1. Neu Edimbourgh 100.738 Norr Sassia Münster
2. Poelcia 53.079 Alta Neu Germania
3. Ülsterbourgh 52.702 Ülster Vest Ülster
4. Dovonsbourgh 47.574 Hasgart Dovonsbourgh
5. Selberg 45.012 Alta Öst Villerm
6. Sainkt Georg 41.998 Ülster Öst Ülster
7. Colenberg 41.607 Alta Villerm
8. Vürchenbourgh 38.184 Villerm Töss Neu Port
9. Machön 36.159 Villerm Töss Machön
10. Visbönd 32.985 Hasgart Visbönd


Prada is divided between six counties, Ülster, Norr Sassia, Süd Sassia, Villerm Töss, Alta and Hasgart. Each county is subdivided to create another subdivision, called districts.

Name Abbreviation Capital Area (km²) HDI Population
(2017 Census)
Density (km²)
(2017 Census)
Location Prada Counties.png
Ülster PR-ÜL Ülsterbourgh 511,54 0,940 117.731 230,15 Ülster.png
Norr Sassia PR-NS Neu Edimbourgh 4.033,06 0,927 243.668 50,04 Norr Sassia.png
Süd Sassia PR-SS Strächen 5.271,12 0,929 190.738 36,19 Süd Sassia.png
Villerm Töss PR-VT Vürchenbourgh 3.372,98 0,919 223.903 66,38 Villerm Töss.png
Alta PR-AL Poelcia 3.470,79 0,934 278.404 80,21 Alta.png
Hasgart PR-HA Dovonsbourgh 3.789,88 0,931 173.067 45,67 Hasgart.png

Quality of Life

According to the 2017 census, the life expectancy of the region was at 81,9 years, the second highest. The gini was of 28,3. The unemployment was at around 8%.

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