President of Alentilla
Presidente de Alentilla (es)
Presidente da Alentilla (pt)
Pangulo ng Alentilla (tl)
Luciana Jimenez

since 2018
StyleHis/Her Excellency
ResidenceRepublica Pacifica Oriental Mansion, Alentilla City, Alentilla
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderDunio Velasco
Formation1888 (establish)
1960 (restored)
DeputyVice President

The President of the Republic of Alentilla is the elected head of state and head of government of Alentilla. Unlike other countries, the President didn't leads the executive branch, it leads by the Vice President istead. The president is the commander-in-chief of Alentile Armed Forces.

Role, powers and duties


Every three years is the Election Day in Alentilla. The general elections held in the last week of April or in first week of May. The gubernatorial elections held in first week of July. The mayoral elections held in second week of September and the barrio elections held in third week of November.


  • Must be a citizen of Alentilla
  • Must be of 35 years old or older
  • Must have physically lived in any of the provinces for 12-14 years
  • If Naturalized, must have been a citizen for 8-10 years
  • Know how to speak Spanish or English (it will depend on it's mother tongue)
  • A religious person
  • Must not have been convicted in any crime cases from the past 20 years
  • Must have never been convicted of treason.

Inaguration and oath


The term of the President is three years. From the first constitution of Alentilla, the term of the President was two years. The only Presidents in their two terms are Dunio Velasco (1879-1880, 1888-1889) and Elenito Punzalan (1986-1989, 1990-1991).


Alentilan First Republic (1879-1900)

No. Name Party Assumed office Left office Remarks
1 Dunio Velasco Independent 1879 1880 1st President
2 Felix Zapote Nacion Alentilla 1880 1883 1st elected President
3 Roberto Gamarra Nacion Alentilla 1883 1886
4 Dunio Velasco Marcha 1886 1887 Second term, death in office
5 Antonio San Luis Marcha 1887 1888 Acting
6 Regino Pereria Marcha 1888 1891
7 Roman Zapote Democrata 1891 1894
8 Miguel Antonio Gamoza Democrata 1894 1897
9 Luisito Gamboa Marcha 1897 1900

Empire of Alentilla (1900-1950)

  • Monarch of Alentilla
  • Prime Minister of Alentilla

Alentilan Second Republic (1950-1959)

No. Name Party Assumed office Left office Remarks
9 Bruno Balangan Libertad 1950 1954 First Filipino-Alentillan President
10 Alejo Williams Democrata 1954 1958 First American-Alentillan President
11 Rupero Rayos Uno Alentilla 1958 1959 Declared Martial law

Martial law (1959-1967)

No. Name Party Assumed office Left office Remarks
11 Ruperto Rayos Socialista 1959 1963 Resigned
12 Alberto Ferrer Socialista 1963 1967 Resigned

Alentillan Third Republic (1977-Present)

No. Name Party Assumed office Left office Remarks
13 Carlos Chen Libertad 1967 1971 First Alentillan-Chinese President
14 Fernando Inelu Socialista 1971 1975 First tribal President
15 Cassandra Quinto Democrata 1975 1979 First female president
16 Elenito Punzalan Independent 1979 1983
17 Marcela Callo Socialista 1983 1985 Death in office
18 Elenito Punzalan Independent 1985 1986 Acting, second term, resigned
19 Alberto Callo Socialista 1986


20 Anita Perez Nacional 1987 1991
21 Roberto Sanchez Nacional 1991 1995
22 Almiro Alvarado Socialista 1995 1999 First Brazilian-Alentillan President
23 Luisito Demera Democrata 1999 2003
24 Annaliza Sandoval Democrata 2003 2007
25 Demetrio Navarro Democrata 2007 2011
26 Enrique Pais Socialista 2011 2014
27 Wilfredo Tejero Democrata 2014 2018
28 Luciana Jimenez Reformado Democràtico 2018 Present

Living former Presidents

These are the following of the living former Presidents (not included the Acting President):

  • Cassandra Quinto
  • Roberto Sanchez
  • Almiro Alvarado
  • Luisito Demera
  • Annaliza Sandoval
  • Demetrio Navarro
  • Enrique Pais
  • Wilfredo Tejero

The last President who died after her Presidency was Anita Perez who died in 2010 at the age of 79 due to her stroke

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