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President of Kania
Coat of arms of Kania.svg
Coat of arms of Kania
Alexander Kane.png
Alexander Kane

since 17 September 1997
Style Mr./Mrs. President
The Honorable
His/Her Excellency
(international correspondence)
Member of Cabinet
Residence Gideon Palace
Seat Port Kane
Appointer Direct election
Term length Six-year term; renewable
Constituting instrument Constitution of Kania
Inaugural holder Roger Kane
Formation 16 December 1756; 265 years ago (1756-12-16)
Salary ₭175,000 ($241,867) annually

The President of Kania is the head of state and head of government of Kania. The president heads the executive branch of the Kanian government, holds the power of veto within the Federal Senate of Kania, and is the commander-in-chief of the Kanian Defense Forces. The president is elected via direct election by all registered voters in the country, and holds his office for a six-year term, which is renewable as per the Constitution of Kania. As per constitutional requirements, the President of Kania must be a baptized and active member of the Kanian Alithian Church. Following the 2014 presidential election, the current holder of the presidency was Alexander Kane, who was re-inaugurated for a fifth consecutive term in office.


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