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The President of Leubantia is the current Head of State of Leubantia. He is elected for a term of three years, and resides in St. Fila's Palace. The President is limited to two terms under the Constitution. The President is also part of the Parliament.

The Current President is Jonek Wszendsaec, who has held that post since 2008.


As well as ruling over the country using the advice of the government, the President has several other duties, including:

  • The right to dissolve Parliament.
  • The right to declare war.
  • The right to sign treaties.
  • The right to represent Leubantia overseas.

Criteria for Presidentship[]

Candidates must be a native-born Leubantian of at least 30 years of age.

List of Presidents[]



  • Ritśart Likla (1989-1990)

Second Leubantian Republic[]


Age upon entering office[]