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The President of the United Federation of Saydney is the Head of State and Head of Government of the United Federation of Saydney. Unlike most Presidents, the Saydneyan President is not directly elected; rather, he or she is chosen by the Saydneyan High Council and is always a member of that body. As such, the Saydneyan President is the only Head of State to also be a member of the national legislature.

The current President is Miranda Eaton. She is Saydney's first woman President. President Eaton is a member of the Saydneyan Democratic Congress.

List of Presidents of Saydney[]

Miranda Eaton 2006- Saydneyan Democratic Congress
Marc Emerson 1994-2006 Saydneyan Democratic Congress
Julian Manslow 1982-1994 United Party of Saydney
Wilson Nurenburg 1978-1982 Saydneyan Democratic Congress
Juan Montoya 1958-1978 United Party of Saydney
Jacob Clarke 1956-1958 Saydneyan Democratic Congress
Quentin Hapsburg 1950-1956 Saydneyan Democratic Congress
Christian Greyson 1946-1950 Saydney Party
Thomas Fredrickson 1930-1946 Government of National Unity
Gibson Thorn 1928-1930 Saydneyan Labour Party
Hamilton Pearson 1924-1928 Saydneyan Labour Party
Hugo Lancette 1916-1924 Saydneyan Democratic Congress
Jean-Pierre Latreau 1912-1916 Nationalist Alliance
Emilio Martinez 1904-1912 Saydneyan Labour Party
Jean-Pierre Latreau 1896-1904 Nationalist Alliance
Sidney Pearson 1895-1896 Unionist Party
Richard Manning 1892-1895 Unionist Party
Evan Michaels 1888-1892 Nationalist Alliance
Henry Gomez 1876-1888 Unionist Party
Carlos Martinez 1868-1876 Nationalist Alliance
Jesus Chavez 1864-1868 Unionist Party
Wilson Peacock 1856-1864 Nationalist Alliance
Jon Hamilton 1848-1952 Federalist Party
Jason Everett 1844-1848 Nationalist Alliance
Miguel Santos 1840-1844 Federal Coalition Government